Today I went to a new AH store…

Bread anyone??

Here’s where the roastbeef should have been…

I wanted to buy some tuna for my pasta, but nope not today.

This is for real!! This is what i saw in the butter counter. 

And the usual unpacking process, forcing customers to navigate around the store. 


8 Responses to “Today I went to a new AH store…”

  1. 1 Yeah right
    February 9, 2010 at 20:10

    I’m absolutely astonished… This is a very very familiar image and looks exactly the same as the lousy AH store in this little village called Almkerk (NBR). They claim that they’ve won several prices for being the “best AH store of The Netherlands”, but if they are the best, I don’t even dare to look in another store of AH… The stories I’ve seen on this page are almost the same as my experiences here. At the end of the day (after 16:00 hrs) there’s no bread left, a lot of “fresh” products aren’t looking fresh at all, some look even disgusting. And indeed a lot of good “A” brands are disappearing without a trace. I used to buy a lot more at AH, since it’s right around the corner here, but now I drive to a town nearby to a different and much better store called MCD. Maybe not a very familiar store, but a lot better then the AH! The AH used to be a good quality store where it was good to shop, but now it’s just in one word: bad.

  2. February 9, 2010 at 21:35

    AH is very nice , the supermarket thats not nice is hoogvliet fuck hoogvliet men its the most communistic thing ever!

  3. 3 Jeroen
    February 9, 2010 at 21:59

    I would be happy with a AH near me.
    Where I live (Rotterdam Zuid) we only have a ‘Bas’. A ‘paupermarket’ as we call it. It’s, to put it mildly, a living hell compared to your AH.

    They have rotten fruit, unfriendly staff, very limited supply and claim they are ‘cheap’. And yes, they are cheap. But I’d rather pay a few euro’s more every day for food I can actually eat without getting sick.

  4. February 10, 2010 at 00:48

    What a stupid webpage!
    For years I shop at AH and you can choose. If want to spend a lot of money, buy the qualify products, if not, you buy the Euroshopper products (cheaper than Lidl!).
    What’s your problem man? Get a live! Or emigrate to Russia or whatever.

  5. 5 Theo
    February 25, 2010 at 21:12

    Good to know I’m not the only one. Of course not everything AH sells is crap, and I’m sure it varies store to store, but in as a general rule I’ve always noticed the quality is relatively low and prices are relatively high. Some items in particular can be VERY expensive. They take simple things like potatos, chop them up and put them inside colorful plastic bags, then charge 500% more for it. Or they make pretty individual packages for things that don’t need them (eg. limes, onions) so they can put AH “excellence” logos on it and jack up the price.

    I’ve also noticed the same thing as many others who commented – they are always running out of bread.

    Because of those and other reasons, now I avoid AH like the plague, unless I just want something simple like beer, even AH can’t screw that up (yet!!)

    Whoever thinks AH is “quality” just doesn’t know any better.

  6. 6 andy
    March 15, 2010 at 19:14

    I know the bread problem. However I don’t expect there to be bread in the store when I finally make it to the supermarket at 9p.m..

    By the way, there are 2 different types of tuna cans in the picture where you complain about there not being any tuna…

  7. 7 Augurk
    March 16, 2010 at 01:36

    I think the author of this article has a weight problem! At least 6 cans of tuna available, and still not enough? Get a life, and stop eating!

  8. 8 Nancy
    June 24, 2010 at 08:38

    Thanks for your blog! There’s 2 AHs within walking distance to where I live on the Overtoom, Amsterdam. One I consider the ‘small’ AH, the other the ‘big’ AH. And a third (XL) is expected to be opened in a few months. A couple of weeks ago I walked into the small one (I think it was an afternoon on a week day) and so many shelves were completely empty. I mean with nothing stocked on them at all (including ofcourse the bread shelf, milk shelf and meats). I really thought they were clearing out the shop to close down, since an XL will be opened nearby! Though after reading your blog, I understand its just their regular ‘service’.

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