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AH in Utrecht (post from a reader)

It was about 10 years ago when shopping at AH was a good thing.

AH had good quality products and everything was fresh and clean. Albert Heijn was synonymus to excellent quality. Nowadays, i often see products over date, mostly at the fresh meat department.

For example, i warned a shopgirl at AH Utrecht that the filet americain was 2 days over date: And the same rotting filet americain still stood there in the meat counter when i came in the next day. It had turned from red to dark-brown but they obviously hadn’t notice that. How hard can it be to check the goods you sell..

Vegetables are also often old. All the tomatoes were bruised last weekend @ ah vijzelgracht and the bags with presliced veggies often contain weird fluids.

The sliced cheese packs also often contain moist. I’m not going to eat that! It makes me believe that the shop or the distribution centre doesnt keep the fresh goods well chilled.

I recently went back with a pack of cheese which i bought earlier that week. It was wet inside, it looked awful but the expiration date was more than a month ahead. It took me an awful lot of energy and moaning to get the money back: because the 16 year old poor dutch speaking social project at the service counter figured i might have kept the cheese outside the fridge. Sure, stupid lady…. as if i would do that.

It’s a pity that there are pretty much only Albert Heyn stores in the city centers. When the wather’s not too bad, i rather bike for 15 minutes to get my groceries somewhere else.


Albert Heijn’s dominance in Amsterdam

Your site is a great initiative.

AH’s dominance in Amsterdam is a HUGE annoyance. Two years ago I filed a complaint on this matter at the Dutch fair competition authority (NMA), which was turned away for the fact that AH obtained its position in Amsterdam due to ‘good entrepreneurship’. Of course that’s a nonsense argument, but it gives a good insight in how the government deals with it. Change in the Amsterdam supermarkets business will have to come from the bottom-up, and therefore you have my full support!

Kind regards,

(edit: please see the comments for the whole reply from NMA, in Dutch)


Not only in Amsterdam…

it is indeed true that the meat from AH tastes like it has been killed too long ago and kept in a warm moist enviroment just to make it taste even worse….

i don’t live in Amsterdam but we have the same problems with AH.

i can’t choose to go to another store because there isn’t any other store near my home. i work all day so i can’t go shopping before 18:00 and i can NEVER get any bread…. and when they do have bread it’s disgusting leftovers that no sensible person ever would buy…. if i want to return empty bottles they don’t have a machine but i have to press a bell and wait for hours until someone comes and counts my bottles…. how crappy is that!!!!

when you look at the scale were you need to weigh the vegetables… wow… now that is disgusting!!! that thing is over a 100 years old and has never been cleaned… so when you pick out some veggies and weigh them. why not whipe your ass with them too. they can’t get any more rancid…

for me it makes no difference that i put the vegetables in a bag. that thing is so filthy the vegetables are uneatable to me when they even come near that scale.

i hate AH


Here’s a AH story from a fellow reader

hello I H AH!

since your blog is in english, i’ll reply in english.

well, what can I say… I hate them too, but as often there is no choice, I do shop there.

over the years I’ve had a fair share of arguments with “supermarket managers” about:

-dirty shelves, floors etc.
-products not being available
-uneadible products – just too grose to eat (minced meat is a good example)

but the worst of all is this:

when I go and do my groceries after work, around 17.00, THERE IS NO MORE BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a supermarket is supposed to have bread – ALWAYS –

they’re open for another 3 hours, and have run out of bread!!!

I really cannot stand that. So last time I went to see the supermarket manager, gave him my basket full of stuff and told him that AGAIN there is no bread, I will now go and get my groceries some place else. Asshole.

Anway. I must say that there is a BIG difference in AH stores in “the west” and in small towns.
I live in “the middle-east” of the Netherlands and stores there are A LOT cleaner, staff are MUCH friendlier.
But I work in Amsterdam and shop there regularly and so I know exactly what you mean.

Keep up the good work with your blog!



PS – have I mentioned their meats, especialy the MINCED MEAT is absolutely DISGUSTING! I always buy my meat some place else!!!


Your experiences are very welcome

Hi There,

I’ve received several requests if your own contributions are welcome on the blog? And the simple answer is YES, the more real life stories and customer experiences we can get together showing the reality the better. So feel free to send your contribution to: and they will get published on the blog.



I went to an other AH store today, guess what?


Exclusive! Albert Heijn offers a zoo experience when shopping.

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